About Us

KXZY is Oklahoma State University's STUDENT RUN radio station. We are an organization of volunteers working for the cause of making Stillwater a hub for all genres of music. We wish to educate those, who have mindlessly listened to corporate radio for years, that there is more to the music world than what is played on your car stereo.

Typically the station plays a rotation of independent rock and hip-hop from around the country and is the ONLY place in Oklahoma you can regularly hear local talent from across the state. We are always open to bands wanting to hear their music played on the air. All you have to do is contact us!

The thing that makes KXZY special is that we have OSU''s own students produce shows live in the studio once a week for an hour to two hours at a time.  We provide shows that cover almost every genre of music, as well as talk shows on sports, politics, comedy, etc.

KXZY is part of a burgeoning music scene in Stillwater, Oklahoma and celebrates daily the meteoric rise in popularity of non-corporate rock: independent music and college radio. We are taking advantage of the exciting opportunity of online broadcasting and the natural desire to dominate the globe.

We hope you enjoy and support KXZY!